Safety Barriers

Allmark Door offers a complete set of Safety Barriers to prevent costly damages caused by truck roll off and overhead door damage.

Dock Safety Systems
These 2-in-1 systems feature heavy-duty hydraulic dock levelers with steel I-Beams welded as well as door and dock guards. Allmark Door offers Dock Safety Systems in rated capacities of 30,000 to 80,000 lb. (13,636 to 36,364 kgs.).

Dock Lip Safety Barriers
Dock Lip Safety Barriers are an economical alternative to Dock Safety Systems and an additional line of defense against worker injury and property damage. When the dock leveler is in the parked position, the steel barrier extends 5″ (127 mm) above the deck surface — preventing warehouse traffic from rolling off the edge of the dock when the overhead door is open and no trailer is stationed at the dock.

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