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MaxSpeed Rubber Door

Applications: The toughest high speed rubber door on the market, MaxSpeed™ is suitable for logistics and distribution facilities such as bus terminals and airports, as well as manufacturing, heavy industry, and utilities facilities that rely on fast, continuous heavy-duty operation.

Components: MaxSpeed™ features the impactable RhinoMax™ curtain, which is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and powered by a direct-drive motor with ultra-efficient opening speeds. It also has a springless design free of counterweights, hinges, pulleys, or straps, and comes equipped with an automatic breakaway system.

Benefits: This fast operating model is a proven solution for speeding up the flow of traffic and eliminating costly repairs and replacements associated with conventional overhead/sectional doors that damage on accidental impact every time.

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MaxDock Rubber Door

Applications: The last dock door you’ll ever buy, MaxDock™ is a perfect replacement and alternative to sectional doors. Whether you operate food & beverage, pharmaceutical, heavy industry, utilities, logistics & distribution, or transportation facilities with busy cargo handling, this solution is for you.

Components: Combines galvanized steel guides and the impactable RhinoMax™ rubber curtain with a direct-drive operator that delivers seamless and efficient open-close functionality. This safe, springless dock door also features a breakaway bottom bar that resets itself automatically when struck.

Benefits: MaxDock’s™ impactable design and automatic breakaway system eliminates accidental impact damage, resulting in virtually ZERO maintenance and downtime at the loading dock. Its direct-drive motor is rated for 1 million cycles and rubber curtain comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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PerforMax Global MaxPro high-speed door

Application: A high performance solution for industrial openings prone to impact damage, MaxPro™ is a superior alternative to rolling steel doors and an ideal fit for logistics & distribution, manufacturing, utilities, and transportation facilities that rely on dependable facility access.

Composition: This high performance roll-up rubber door is made with only 5 moving parts, including: a RhinoMax™ curtain, a direct-drive springless operator with inertia breaks, corrosion resistant galvanized side frames, as well as an automatic breakaway bottom bar for sudden impacts.

Benefits: MaxPro’s™ springless design and proven safety features eliminate operational risks commonly associated with conventional rolling steel doors. Like all MaxSeries™ rubber doors, it’s rated for 1 million cycles and backed by a lifetime impactable curtain warranty.

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