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MaxSpeed Rubber Door

As the toughest high speed rubber door on the market, MaxSpeed™ is unmistakably suited for large openings across busy logistics facilities such as bus terminals and airports, as well as manufacturing, distribution, and utilities facilities that rely on fast, continuous heavy-duty operation.

But more than just its ultra-efficient opening speeds, what makes MaxSpeed™ the ultimate high speed roll-up door of its kind is its unique ability to make unexpected downtime a thing of the past with its automatic breakaway system and 1,000,000 cycle rating.

And in case this isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite for a safe and reliable solution that virtually eliminates the risk of impact damage in the fast-paced environments, it’s good to know that MaxSpeed™ rubber curtains are backed by limited lifetime warranties for your ultimate peace of mind.

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MaxDock Rubber Door

Pegged as the last dock door you’ll ever buy, MaxDock™ is a superior alternative and replacement to damage prone sectional doors in busy warehouses across logistics and distribution, heavy industry, food & beverage, utilities, and even pharmaceutical facilities.

With a fully impactable design and breakaway bottom bar that resets itself automatically when struck by forklifts and other moving objects, this rubber dock door also has the distinct advantage of saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs every year across multiple positions.

But as with all things concerning the safety and security of your operations, MaxDock™ wouldn’t be complete without its limited lifetime rubber curtain warranty and standard 1,000,000 cycle rating that takes the risk off your shoulders.

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A high performance solution for demanding industrial openings, MaxPro™ is a proven alternative to rolling steel doors and an ideal fit for warehouses, manufacturing plants, as well as utilities and transportation stations that rely on dependable facility access.

Combining it’s impactable springless design with only 5 moving parts, including a powerful direct-drive motor rated for over 1,000,000 cycles, MaxPro™ doesn’t just deliver extreme toughness and security all-year-round, it also gets rid of emergency threats associated with freight and forklift openings for good.

And since you might have guessed already that MaxPro’s™ advanced rubber curtain is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the other thing you should know is that it can be equipped with available safety features for those who can’t stand the thought of unwelcome surprises.

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