Shieldok® CLIMA-SEAL™

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Application: Designed to provide an efficient air seal between trailers and indoor warehouse areas, this high performance compression dock seal can be easily fastened to the surface of any industrial and commercial facility that relies on safe and efficient cargo handling.

Components: Is constructed with highly durable materials and tough wear pleats that are specifically engineered to resist abrasions under compression at variable temperatures. Also comes with yellow safety guide strips to help drivers properly align trailers with the loading dock door.

Benefits: In addition to preventing dust, insects, exhaust fumes, precipitation and other airborne particulates from contaminating loading dock environments, CLIMA-SEAL™ is a fully customizable solution with superior sealing capacity and unsurpassed longevity.

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Clima Shelter

Application: This inflatable, rigid, retractable, or soft-sided dock shelter seals against the outside of a truck and provides full forklift access while enabling efficient freight handling. It also keeps out rain, snow, and debris, making it the ideal solution for tailgate and standard trailers.

Components: Is free of adjustable parts that cause complications with other types of conventional shelters, and can be customized with your choice of lumber that’s been treated for all weather conditions or high density foam covered with vinyl for enhanced durability.

Benefits: CLIMA-SHELTER™ guarantees a sturdy and reliable solution that will shield your applications from the dangers of outside contaminants. It’s also expertly crafted to preserve internal temperatures while maintaining a secure seal across the top and the sides of the loading dock.

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Shieldok® CLIMA-T™

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Shieldok dock shelter

Application: This rugged trailer top seal automatically pushes down across the full width of the trailer top to prevent water from entering the dock area and interfering with traffic zones. It can be easily installed above most dock seals or shelters and can be retrofitted to existing units.

Components: Is constructed with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel mounting hardware and well-crafted with a double layer of 40 oz. premium durability fabrics for maximum performance. Also features additional wear pleats in corners for added reinforcement.

Benefits: CLIMA-T™ combines weight with gravity to create a dam that forces water to run off the sides, while shielding against wind, insects and light. All in all, this maintenance free trailer top seal is a simple, yet effective solution that delivers an overall safer loading dock environment.

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MaxSpeed Rubber Door

Known by its makers as the “toughest high speed rubber door on the market,” MaxSpeed™ is unmistakably suited for large openings across logistics and transportation facilities such as airport terminals and bus stations, as well as manufacturing, distribution, and utilities facilities that rely on fast, continuous heavy-duty operation.

But more than just its ultra-efficient opening speeds and safe springless design, what makes MaxSpeed™ the ultimate roll-up door of its kind is its unique ability to make unexpected downtime and emergencies a thing of the past with its fully impactable breakaway system and 1,000,000 cycle rating.

While this alone is enough to satisfy even the most stringent demands for reliable security across busy openings prone to impact damage, nothing makes operations and facilities specialists feel more at ease than the peace of mind that comes standard with the lifetime warranty on all MaxSpeed™ rubber curtains.

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MaxDock Rubber Door

Earning its nickname as “the last dock door you’ll ever buy,” MaxDock™ is a highly efficient alternative and replacement to damage prone sectional doors, which are all too common across high-volume warehouses in the logistics and distribution, manufacturing, food & beverage, utilities, and pharmaceutical industries.

Featuring a fully impactable design and breakaway bottom bar that resets itself automatically when struck by forklifts and other moving objects, this rubber dock door also provides the distinct advantage of saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs across multiple positions every single year.

But as with all things concerning the safety and security of warehouse loading dock operations, MaxDock™ wouldn’t be complete without its lifetime rubber curtain warranty and standard 1,000,000 cycle rating—there to take the risk off your shoulders and help you keep up with the pace of business. 

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A high performance solution for rugged industrial openings, MaxPro™ is a superior alternative to rolling steel doors and functions as an ideal fit for warehouses, manufacturing plants, as well as utilities and transportation stations that rely on uninterrupted facility access no matter what.

Combining its impactable springless design with only 5 moving parts—including a powerful direct-drive motor rated for over 1,000,000 cycles—MaxPro™ doesn’t just deliver extreme toughness and security all-year-round, it also gets rid of emergency threats associated with virtually any type of vehicle accident.

And since you might have guessed that MaxPro’s™ advanced rubber curtain is backed by a lifetime warranty (like all PerforMax™ models), the other thing you should know is that it can also be equipped with a custom array of safety features for those who can no longer tolerate unwelcome surprises.

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Fiberglass interior door with window

Applications: This chemical-resistant fiberglass door is built for the harshest industrial environments where corrosion and hygiene is a recurring issue. Standard use includes pharmaceutical labs, food processing rooms, clean rooms, as well as wastewater and chemical plants—just to name a few.

Components: Is constructed with fully encapsulated and seamless fiberglass materials that are free of cavities, crevices, or pores to prevent moisture, gases and bacteria from getting in. Unlike other alternatives, color is built into the mold of the door, removing the need for painting or refinishing.

Benefits: Resistance to cracking, warping, rusting, or rotting makes Fiber-Tek™ a maintenance-free solution with an unprecedented life-cycle among pedestrian doors. It’s also extremely easy to clean and designed to withstand frequent wash downs.

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Strongdor™ SS Series

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Stainless steel industrial doors

Applications: This stainless steel door is an ideal solution for heavy-duty industrial openings across manufacturing, distribution, and transportation facilities. It can also be applied in the processing of food and chemicals, given its tough construction and sanitary strength.

Components: Is made of thick, fully-welded and polished stainless steel panels that protect high density EPS bonded cores. To eliminate metal incompatibility, all hardware is reinforced by internal steel backing plates.

Benefits: Engineered to meet the highest standards for cleanliness and durability, the Strongdor™ SS series delivers a sophisticated exterior that doesn’t require any paint or special finishes, leaving you with a door that’s virtually maintenance free.

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Strongdor™ FRP Series

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Fiber-reinforced plastic door

Applications: An informed choice for challenging environments such as schools, public buildings, service entrances and variety of other traffic areas that rely on reliable doors that can take abuse without damaging quickly.

Components: Manufactured with aluminum alloy stiles and rails that are sized and configured for exceptional strength without the unnecessary bulk. Also feature pebble grain finishes with customized colors to match your facility.

Benefits: The Strongdor™ FRP series is a sustainable choice that will never corrode, rot, or rust, and only requires routine cleaning with mild soap and water. It’s also extremely low maintenance and even comes with insulation options for improved energy efficiency.

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Strongdor™ HM Series

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Strongdor hollow metal door

Applications: Industrial-grade hollow metal doors are designed for rigid architectural and heavy traffic demands within a wide variety of facilities, including: food & beverage, pharmaceutical, heavy industry, logistics & distribution, and transportation.

Components: Are built with steel coated sheets that house a composite-style core, which can be customized with honey-comb, polyester or polyurethane materials for increased thermal retention. Frames come in knockdown or welded forms to fit your specific requirements.

Benefits: The Strongdor™ HM series delivers excellent resistance to corrosive elements, while also providing insulated cores that improve energy efficiency. This hollow metal door can also be fire-rated for up to three hours for increased safety and security.

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