Eliminate Downtime And Door Emergencies With These 3 Indestructible Solutions

By Donald Markham

PerforMax Global MaxDock rubber doors

In today’s rugged industrial environments tasked with achieving bigger and better results—faster—most roll-up doors just don’t cut it anymore when compared to what’s out there.

Operations and facilities specialists at fast-paced industrial plants, warehouses, and distributors are finding this out the hard way.

Whether it’s through frequent accidents and collision damage, downtime, or emergency maintenance costs that are increasingly hard to swallow, low performance roll-up doors are killing operational efficiency.

What’s worse?

This can pose great risks to a company’s bottom line, corporate reputation, and, in the worst cases, even the job security of the specialists responsible for making sure facilities are running smoothly and delivering results.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to end this way.

That’s because leading companies in blue chip industries are trading in their rolling steel doors for a special type of door that’s safer, more durable, and better equipped to handle your high-traffic applications, without fail: impactable rubber doors.

So what makes them the top roll-up door for industrial facilities prone to accidental damage?

Below is everything you need to know about these three indestructible solutions that outperform the competition!






MaxSpeed Rubber Door


Known by its makers as the “toughest high speed rubber door on the market,” MaxSpeed™ is unmistakably suited for large openings across logistics and transportation facilities, such as airport terminals and bus stations, as well as manufacturing, distribution, and utilities facilities that rely on fast, continuous heavy-duty operation.

But more than just its ultra-efficient opening speeds and safe springless design, what makes MaxSpeed™ the ultimate roll-up door of its kind is its unique ability to make unexpected downtime and emergencies a thing of the past, with its fully impactable breakaway system and 1,000,000 cycle rating.

While this alone is enough to satisfy even the most stringent demands for reliable security across busy openings prone to impact damage, nothing puts operations and facilities specialists more at ease than the peace of mind that comes standard with the lifetime warranty on all MaxSpeed™ rubber curtains!




MaxDock Rubber Door


Earning its nickname as “the last dock door you’ll ever buy,” MaxDock™ is a high-efficiency replacement to damage-prone sectional doors that are all too common across busy warehouses in the logistics and distribution, manufacturing, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Featuring a fully impactable design, along with its breakaway bottom bar that resets itself automatically when struck by forklifts and other moving objects, this rubber dock door also saves you thousands of dollars in emergency repair costs across multiple positions every single year.

But as with all things concerning the safety and security of warehouse and loading dock operations, MaxDock™ wouldn’t be complete without its lifetime rubber curtain warranty and standard 1,000,000 cycle rating—there to take the risk off your shoulders and help you keep up with the pace of business!






A high performance solution for rugged industrial openings, MaxPro™ is a superior alternative to rolling steel doors, and an ideal fit for warehouses, manufacturing plants as well as utilities and transportation stations that rely on uninterrupted facility access no matter what.

By combining its impactable, springless design with only 5 moving parts—including a powerful direct-drive motor rated for over 1,000,000 cycles—MaxPro™ doesn’t just deliver extreme toughness and security all-year-round, it also gets rid of emergency threats associated with virtually any type of door accident.

Since you might have guessed that MaxPro’s™ advanced rubber curtain is backed by a lifetime warranty (like all PerforMax® models), you should also know it can be equipped with a custom array of safety features, for those who can’t tolerate unwelcome surprises any longer!