3 EHS Compliant Insect Control Solutions That Eradicate The Threat Of Infestations

By Donald Markham

Bug on screen

There they go again…

Spreading germs, laying eggs, and compromising product safety on what has become a regular basis.

While insects and pests may serve useful purposes in nature, this is not the case in controlled facilities that rely on contaminant-free environments for the safety of their operations. Under these strict guidelines, even the smallest traces of bacteria carried by bugs and insects can lead to health and safety concerns that often result in severe fines or penalties.

Despite these risks, it’s not uncommon for infestations to take place even in facilities that package and process goods such as pharmaceuticals and food products.

How can this be?

Quite simply, many facilities lack sufficient coverage either because of chemical solutions that don’t actually stop pests from entering in the first place, or insect control hardware that causes more problems than it solves. Whatever the case, products and personnel can’t get the FULL PROTECTION they deserve without proven bug barriers that are specifically designed to handle your strict environmental demands.

That’s why we’re highlighting these 3 tight-fitting insect control barriers that will drastically improve the sanitation of controlled environments so you can exceed your FDA/AIB/USDA requirements across-the-board!