Safety Products

Organizations that fail to install safety equipment and enforce safety policies are putting people, product and equipment at risk. This could result in costly damage, serious injury or even death.

Protect your organization’s most valuable investments and assets – including your reputation with safety solutions and products from Allmark Door. We prioritize safety above all else in loading dock and warehouse areas, where heavy equipment and machinery are moving faster and faster to keep up with the pace of business.

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Let us help you minimize the risk of accidents in your facilities by providing your organization with the most durable, reliable safety products in the industry.

Truck Restraints

Guard against serious injury and damage with this durable, easy-to-use Vehicle Restraint. Using a hook design and a gear motor with a one-way breaking system to secure the trailer’s rear-impact guard, the Solidok Safe T Load can prevent dangerous trailer separation.

Trailer Stands

Keep your trailer from tipping and avoid landing gear collapse with a heavy-duty Trailer Stand. You’ll have plenty of support and stability at the front of the trailer helping with a smooth transition from the trailer to your loading dock.

Wheel Chocks

Whether you’re loading, unloading or servicing your trailers and vehicles, prevent rolling accidents by using rugged industrial wheel chocks that grip the wheels and the parking surface.

Barrier Systems

Minimize the risk of accidents and damage with Barrier Systems that prevent your employees from falling from a loading dock. More visible than signs and painted lines, movable Barrier Systems can withstand various levels of impact.


Falls continue to be among the leading causes of injuries in the workplace. These injuries hamper productivity and can result in lawsuits. Durable Handrails create a safer work environment and help to control the flow of traffic.

Communication & Lighting Systems

Communication and visibility are critical to both safety and efficiency on the loading dock. Our safety systems communicate if the loading dock is occupied or vacant reducing risk. High-efficiency lighting is available providing bright light throughout the trailer increasing safety during the loading and unloading process.

Dock Seals

Maintain a safer, weather tight loading dock and control energy costs with efficiency-boosting Dock Seals. Fireproof Dock Seals protect from fire hazards when in contact with trailer lighting.

Impactable Doors

When doors are impacted it usually creates downtime, costly repairs and possible injuries. High-Speed Doors and Rubber Doors can take an impact and the curtain is reinserted in the guides virtually eliminating down time. Photo eyes are used to stop the door from closing on a person or object, as well as vision panels that enable personnel to view traffic increasing employee safety.


Available in wide variety of widths, shapes and sizes, Bollards are vertical posts that protect people and property by communicating vehicle traffic routes and establishing safety barriers.

Dock Level Barrier Lips

Create a safer, smoother connection between the trailer floor and the loading platform, and accelerate the pace of loading and unloading with a sturdy Dock Leveler. Add a Barrier Lip System to prevent drops and falls from vacant docks.

Barrier Arms

Protect your company assets by using Barrier Arms to minimize the risk of forklift accidents and prevent employees from falling from a loading dock.


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