Mechanical Dock Levelers

This mechanical dock leveler hold-down system reduces cross-traffic bounce – lowering the risk of cargo and equipment damage. Allmark Doors offers a full line of Mechanical Dock Levelers in a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet the demands of today’s busy warehouses and cargo handling facilities.

U-Beam Mechanical Dock Levelers
During loading and unloading, the friction disk brake enables the deck to seamlessly match the trailer height, minimizing cross-docking bounce. The increased contact surface with the disk brake creates even wear on the brake pads and results in greater hold while reducing maintenance requirements. U-beam channels are welded to the underside of the deck at dynamic impact points, preventing ‘dishing’ and prolonging the life of the dock leveler. The continuous one-piece headboard strengthens the deck’s front structure. A single lip hinge pin enables a stronger distributed load.

I-Beam Mechanical Dock Levelers
I-Beam constructed levelers offer excellent value and are a reliable and recommended solution for prolonged and heavy-duty applications. To operate, pull the release chain and let the heavy-duty lift springs do the work. The deck rises and the lip is smoothly powered out to the locked position. Simply ‘walk the deck’ down onto the truck bed and begin loading. When the truck departs, the lip automatically releases and lowers allowing the unit to be returned to the cross traffic position.

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