High-Speed Doors

High-Speed Doors play an important role in reducing energy costs, increasing efficiency, improving traffic flow, controlling environments and reducing airborne pollutants. There are numerous reasons why making sure you have the right high-speed door for your facility is worthwhile. The right High-Speed Door will help your company save money. High-Speed Doors will allow your employees to be more productive, reducing the amount of time that they are waiting for doors to open and close.

High-Speed Doors are up to 10 times as fast as a standard door moving at speeds of up to 100 inches per second. When you compare this to the standard door, which operates at around 9 inches per second, you can see what an impact on your time and productivity these doors create. High-Speed Doors provide a good return on investment, as they can improve working conditions, maintain and improve productivity, and help the company to save money that is used on labor, time, utilities, and energy.

High-Speed Doors are designed and engineered to break away with minimal damage when struck by forklifts and other traffic. They can be simply reset and begin operation again in minutes. Specifically designed and built for high-volume use, High-Speed Doors can withstand the demands of frequent operation and impact with minimal need for repair and maintenance.

We offer a full line of High-Speed Doors with a variety of different styles. From interior to exterior, from rugged to sleek, these low-maintenance High-Speed Doors are available in a range of materials suited to specific applications. Based on your exact application there’s an Allmark Door High-Speed Door to suit virtually every need.

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