Solutions Approach

Your problems. Our technology. The right solution.

Here at Allmark Door we have expert project consultants who work with you through our Solution Implementation process and find the right solution that is right for you. We leverage the power of technology to help you solve problems and provide you with solutions that will keep your business productive and safe.

We have a team of expert project consultants, who have a deep understanding of the world of commercial and industrial doors and loading docks. They know the formula when it comes to this technology. From the wiring of the equipment to how the metal is made, and all the way to the resin, fibers, and finishes being used, they understand every aspect of it. Satisfying a growing need for highly effective, intelligent, and environmentally responsible technology, our new, innovative, and easy to use technology allows for an increase in efficiency, production, and a reduction in energy use. These are cost-effective solutions that really work and that your company can take advantage of when working with Allmark Door.

When working with Allmark Door’s solution implementation process, you can expect the process to include the following phases:

  • Consultation. We have project consultants who specialize in your industry and can provide you with technology and solutions for your commercial doors and industrial doors or loading dock equipment. By learning more about your operation and needs through an onsite analysis, our expert project consultants put together the best possible options for your business. All of our doors and loading dock equipment can be customized for every need.
  • Project Design & Implementation Plan. The design phase makes your vision tangible. We can provide you with design specifications to meet all your needs. Doors and loading dock equipment can be custom-made to fit your exact specifications, materials, and finishes that best suit your facility. To ensure delivery and installation of your equipment on an agreed-upon date, we develop a timeline to let you know what dates and expectations are reasonable, allowing for revision accordingly. This will keep everyone on track and on time. We will always strive to meet your anticipated delivery dates.
  • Production Phase. During the production phase, we begin the pre-production of your door or loading dock equipment, followed by the actual manufacturing of your product. You will be kept informed of the process and we will work together to finalize the design and finish of your product.
  • Delivery and On-Site Installation. During this process, we will schedule a suitable time to deliver your door or loading dock equipment. We will work with you as a resource for factory authorized technicians that will work efficiently and are OSHA, ISN, and PICS compliant.
  • Customer Service & Ongoing Support. Once your door or loading dock is installed, we still maintain contact with you. We are available for answering questions, helping to maintain your door or loading dock, and for any emergency issues that may arise.

We have implemented this process for working together because it’s effective and helps to assure a high-quality transaction. At Allmark Door we are committed to providing excellent customer service, the highest quality products, and ongoing support. We work with you every step of the way through the whole process, and beyond.

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